Friday, 22 February 2013


Hi to everyone!

Today I'll start this blog. I think I should present myself~

I'm Shane and a 20 years old girl.
I really love Victorian Age, London, manga, japanese fashion and Tim Burton's movies. I also like to read. My favourites writers are J.K. Rowling, Sarah Waters and Suzanne Collins.
My gf really loves lolita and me too. I love lolita and kodona.

I really like MmM, Alice and the Pirates and Baby The Stars Shine Bright.
I wanted to wear a kodona inspired outfit for my first try!

A few days ago, my lovely gf takes some photos for me, in my first kodona outfit!
and there's my outfit! Have you some advices to improve?

In this post I also want to say "Thank you" to my gf. She's always lovely and she's my favourite lolita.
I love her so much and I'm so proud of her. Always remeber sweetheart, you're beautiful ❤

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