Friday, 21 March 2014

Kodona, Moon and Eridan cosplay~

Hi folks!
I was really busy again, but now I'm here to update my blog~

My Bodyline order arrived and I wore it at last Harajuku Fashion Walk. It was a great day! We met a lot of friends and we had a lot of fun! A friend of mine tried kodona and I was really happy about it!
This was my outfit~

Last week me and my coven celebrated the March Moon ritual with two friends. It was really a great time, I was really happy since it was the first ritual of the official coven )o(

I'm working on my Eridan Ampora (from Homestuck) cosplay for Torino Comics (11, 12, 13 april).

The cape is ready, I have to style the wig, since I didn't found a proper wig, so i bought a black wig and a purple bangs and I'll  sew them and style them together. My darling Rika will hep me a lot! She's really good with hair, wigs and stuff. My shoes, horns, ears, rings and my magic wand of science are ready too. 
There is my magic wand of science~

I need to find a black color fabric to paint stripes on my blue trousers. I ordered my scarf on internet and I'll buy my sweater in a shop that sells printed T shirts. 
At Torino Comics Rika will be Feferi and Haru will be Gamzee (other characters from Homestuck)
 I'm so happy about Feferi~

Aren't they cute together? :3

I was thinking about joining the 100 Happy Days Challenge. So...stay turned! :3
That's all~