Friday, 23 May 2014

Big update

Hi folks!

I'm really sorry to be late, but I'm really a forgetful person, so I forget to update this blog for sooooo long.
I have to many things to show you! *^*

First of all, some pictures of last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin. It has been really a lovely day!

This was my outfit. Me and Rika wore two coordinated outfits~ 

Jacket: offbrand
Hat: offbrand with handmade decorations
Trousers: FanplusFriend
Bag: Carpisa
Boots: offbrand

I can't wait for the next Harajuku Fashion Walk in july!

I bought a new pair of handmade trousers from an adorable lolita, Storm!
I'm totally in love with my new trousers, I already wore them in two different outfits~