Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Year~

Hi folks!

Some time ago I was to the mall with Rika and I finally get a new drawing tablet! I'm really happy about it!
I'm obsessed with Shingeki no Kyojin and I have a lot of OTPs (Ereri, Eruri, Rivarmin, Rivetra, Eremin, Yumukuri and more xD), so I'll draw mostly fanart.
I have also some Original Character that I miss so you'll see them again as soon as possible~
I finally updated my DeviantART page with my new drawings~

A little gift for Rika~

I'm working on some new kodona outfits, this was my last one~

Me and Rika are planning her birthday party~
We'll have an Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party. She'll be our Red Queen and of course I'll be her Red King~
I'm working on my outfit~

Stay tuned!

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hi folks!

How are you spending your holydays?
I am having really a good time!
Last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin was amazing! I met a lot of new people and we had a lot of fun~

This was my outfit~

Photo by Giulia Hepburn

Hat: offbrand
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Jabot: Fan Plus Friend
Trousers: offbrand
Tights: Alice and the Pirates
Boots: offbrand

Here I am with my lovely Rika
Photo by Giulia Hepburn

After that, me, my coven and some friends celebrated Yule with some friend at Haru's house. I really enjoyed this celebration.
In these holydays I received a lot of presents, so thank you to all my friends~

I finally have my pastel Survay Corps jumper that I bought online as a self-present for this year~

I really want to buy a new drawing tablet. My first one is sadly broken and I miss digital drawing too much.Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Antler Hat

Hi folks!
This is a really short post!
Since on 21th december I'll go to Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin, today I decorate my hat to make it more Christmassy~

I used:
- My hat, of course.
- Gold decorations
- Wood antlers
- Hot glue
- Two black ribbons

Actually it's really simple.
I cut the black ribbons to fit the hat, and then I used the hot glue to paste the wood antlers and the gold decorations to it.

I had already decided the final look od the hat, obvs.

And here it is!

That's all~
Soon I'll post again to show you my outfit!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kodona interview on MyM

Hi folks!

Some time ago Saoirse, a photographer who loves japanese street fashion, interviewed me for an article about kodona that has been published on an english magazine about japanese stuff.
She was really kind and sent me an issue of that magazine.

Finally it is here!

I am really happy~
Soon I'll write another post about the work in progress for my next kodona outfit (Christmas inspired!).
I'll wear it at next Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin~

That's all.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Lucca Comics and Games 2014

Hi there!
I know I'm late, but I'm here to write about Lucca Comics&Games 2014~

First day: Harajuku Conference!
I am one of the four organizers of Harajuku Fashion Walk of Turin, so I went with Rika and Haru to Lucca Comics for an Harajuku conference we had together with Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara and Claudia and Stella! Everyone was really nice!
I was really excited. I had to talk about kodona, that is my main and favourite style~ 

Rika, me, Claudia, Stella, Grazia, two lovely lolita who went to see us, Haru and Claire!

On 2nd day I cosplayed Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin in a special version from last chapters for Halloween!
Rika cosplayed Petra with a wedding dress (from a beautiful fanart!) and Haru cosplayed Jean.
We met a lot of nice people and new friends!

On 3rd day we had another Harajuku event! We met a lot of people for a fashion show with Harajuku styles and after that, the National Harajuku Fashion Walk began! I met some old friends and a lot of new friends, I was really happy about that!
My outfit for that day~

On last day, I cosplayed Levi again, but this time in uniform! It was a beautiful day, but we had to  say goodbye to our friends and it was a little bit sad. I miss them all and I can't wait to meet them again! Me and Rika met this beautiful Annie cosplayer who asked us "Can I ruin your wedding?" xD
She was really nice!

That's all, see you soon~

Friday, 12 September 2014

Shane's summer: Paris, Kodona and Harajuku Conference~

Hi folks!

I'm here to tell you more about my summer!
First of all, I spent a beautiful birthday in Paris with Rika~
We had some troubles beacause of a train strike, but in the end everything was fine.
It was my first time in Paris and I loved this city, Versailles, the Tour Eiffel....and everything.

We met two cute girls who loved kodona and lolita, so we exchanged  our twitter. <3
Of course me and Rika went to Baby The Stars Shine Bright Paris store!

I got this blouse and these tights. The print is "Kuroneko no Dance".
I love it!

Last harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin was really nice~
I wore kodona, as always~

Photo by Piero Paz

Odd Western Lollipop love Harajuku styles!
Haru and Rika in gyaru and me in kodona~
Photo by Fery Lullaby

Photo by Piero Paz
Blouse: Bodyline
Hat: offbrand
Bow: Alice and The Pirates
Trousers: handmade by Storm Neverland
Tights: Alice and The Pirates
Boots: offbrand
Bag: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Rika dyed my hair black and gave me an undercut.
I really love my new haircut! *^*
Here I am with Shu, Rika's chinchilla. He's adorable even if he stole my glasses >~>

Last sunday I was guest @ Bra Comics and Games for my conferences about Harajuku styles (as a Harajuku Fashion Walk Turin organizer and as a Odd Western Lollipop member)
I was soooo excited! Both conferences went great and a lot of people was happy about that!

My outfit

Blouse: Alice and The Pirates
Hat: offbrand
Bow: Alice and The Pirates
Trousers: Fan Plus Friend
Tights: Alice and The Pirates
Boots: offbrand
Bag: Carpisa

That's all, see you soon~

Friday, 23 May 2014

Big update

Hi folks!

I'm really sorry to be late, but I'm really a forgetful person, so I forget to update this blog for sooooo long.
I have to many things to show you! *^*

First of all, some pictures of last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin. It has been really a lovely day!

This was my outfit. Me and Rika wore two coordinated outfits~ 

Jacket: offbrand
Hat: offbrand with handmade decorations
Trousers: FanplusFriend
Bag: Carpisa
Boots: offbrand

I can't wait for the next Harajuku Fashion Walk in july!

I bought a new pair of handmade trousers from an adorable lolita, Storm!
I'm totally in love with my new trousers, I already wore them in two different outfits~

Friday, 18 April 2014

Torino Comics 2014

Hi folks!

Last week I were at Torino Comics with my gf Rika and Haru. It was AMAZING.
We were in cosplay for the first time in this comic convention.
I was Eridan, Rika was Feferi and Haru was Gamzee. All these characters are from Homestuck!

Here I am!

I'm really happy beacause for the first time I made my cosplay all by myself! 
It was really funny walking to the bus stop in cosplay~
We went to the con all the days and we met a lot of Homestuck cosplayers (two Gamzee, two Nepeta, Tavros, Sollux, John and Jake) and we met a lot of friends (Hi to Irene, Federica, Tanya, Piero, Marcello, Chantal, Chiyuki and Filippo)!
I really liked a lot of cosplayers and the Umbrella Italian Division!

My Youtube channel is officially open now!

I'm really sorry for the bad quality, but I onlt had a little camera with me : <
More videos are coming soon so stay turned!

I wish you all  Happy Easter~

Friday, 21 March 2014

Kodona, Moon and Eridan cosplay~

Hi folks!
I was really busy again, but now I'm here to update my blog~

My Bodyline order arrived and I wore it at last Harajuku Fashion Walk. It was a great day! We met a lot of friends and we had a lot of fun! A friend of mine tried kodona and I was really happy about it!
This was my outfit~

Last week me and my coven celebrated the March Moon ritual with two friends. It was really a great time, I was really happy since it was the first ritual of the official coven )o(

I'm working on my Eridan Ampora (from Homestuck) cosplay for Torino Comics (11, 12, 13 april).

The cape is ready, I have to style the wig, since I didn't found a proper wig, so i bought a black wig and a purple bangs and I'll  sew them and style them together. My darling Rika will hep me a lot! She's really good with hair, wigs and stuff. My shoes, horns, ears, rings and my magic wand of science are ready too. 
There is my magic wand of science~

I need to find a black color fabric to paint stripes on my blue trousers. I ordered my scarf on internet and I'll buy my sweater in a shop that sells printed T shirts. 
At Torino Comics Rika will be Feferi and Haru will be Gamzee (other characters from Homestuck)
 I'm so happy about Feferi~

Aren't they cute together? :3

I was thinking about joining the 100 Happy Days Challenge. So...stay turned! :3
That's all~

Friday, 7 February 2014

Genova's aquarium

Hi folks!
This will be kinda a
Wednesday me, Rika and Haru went to the Aquarium of Genova (one of the biggest in Europe!). Since I was little, I always loved dolphins. I don't know why xD
 So....It was a beautiful day!

I also stroked stingrays. They're just too cute! *^*

say hi to Rika and Haru!
Rika loved jellyfishes and Haru loved seals and penguins~

That's all~