Friday, 28 November 2014

Lucca Comics and Games 2014

Hi there!
I know I'm late, but I'm here to write about Lucca Comics&Games 2014~

First day: Harajuku Conference!
I am one of the four organizers of Harajuku Fashion Walk of Turin, so I went with Rika and Haru to Lucca Comics for an Harajuku conference we had together with Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara and Claudia and Stella! Everyone was really nice!
I was really excited. I had to talk about kodona, that is my main and favourite style~ 

Rika, me, Claudia, Stella, Grazia, two lovely lolita who went to see us, Haru and Claire!

On 2nd day I cosplayed Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin in a special version from last chapters for Halloween!
Rika cosplayed Petra with a wedding dress (from a beautiful fanart!) and Haru cosplayed Jean.
We met a lot of nice people and new friends!

On 3rd day we had another Harajuku event! We met a lot of people for a fashion show with Harajuku styles and after that, the National Harajuku Fashion Walk began! I met some old friends and a lot of new friends, I was really happy about that!
My outfit for that day~

On last day, I cosplayed Levi again, but this time in uniform! It was a beautiful day, but we had to  say goodbye to our friends and it was a little bit sad. I miss them all and I can't wait to meet them again! Me and Rika met this beautiful Annie cosplayer who asked us "Can I ruin your wedding?" xD
She was really nice!

That's all, see you soon~