Monday, 30 December 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk ~ Christmas edition

Hi folks!

Last Harajuku Fashion Walk was on 22th december. It was really a lovely day!
Me, Rika and Haru took a train in the morning and went to Turin.
At 2.30 pm we met again a lot of friends: Storm, Giulia, Irene, Chiyuki, Chantal, Cloe, Irene and other new people! :3
We really had a lot of fun, and our photographers Giulia and Piero were amazing!
We went for a Walk in the centre od the city and lately we went to a cafè.

I was in kodona again, and also Antonella, a friend us, choosed a kodona outfit, I was so happy!


Haru, Irene and Chiyuki
Storm and I


Irene, Antonella, Piero, Serah, Gumi, Chiyuki, Haru, Storm, Chantal, Rika, Irene, I amd Sara, <3

And this was my outfit~

Minihat: Lopposto with handmade decorations
Blouse: offbrand
Jacket: offbrand
Cape: offbrand
Trousers: Fanplusfriend
Leggins: offbrand
Legwarmers: Terranova
Boots: American Eagle
Bag: Carpisa

That's all~

Friday, 13 December 2013

Sugarcube the chinchilla

Hi folks!

Yesterday I went to Rika for a little surprise, her Christmas present!
I decided to give her a chinchilla, because she really loves these little pets!
She fell in love with them some years ago, and finally she get the permission to take one of them.
So I went to her to go to take her little chinchilla
We drived for a long time to reach the little shop. chichillas are quite uncommon here in Italy and just some shop can sell them. Anyway, the salesgirl was really kind and sweet, she give us a lot of  advices!
Rika choose a beautiful white chinchilla, a male.
I fell in love with him when I saw him sleeping in the hay, while we were coming back to Rika's home. He was so sweet and lovely!
While we were coming back, we talked about his name, and Rika let me choose it.
I was watching him and thinking "Awww, he's so soft, so sweet, so tiny and so white....he looks like a sugarcube"....I'm a big fan of Hunger Games and there's a charatcter, Finnick, who used to eat sugarcubes, so I really enjoyed this idea. I asked Rika if she liked this name and she said yes!

So...we're happy to introduce you....Sugarcube!

His nickname is Shu, it's more easier to say quickly!
We played with Shu in the evening. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals so they're very active in the night!

I already miss him~
That's all!