Monday, 30 December 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk ~ Christmas edition

Hi folks!

Last Harajuku Fashion Walk was on 22th december. It was really a lovely day!
Me, Rika and Haru took a train in the morning and went to Turin.
At 2.30 pm we met again a lot of friends: Storm, Giulia, Irene, Chiyuki, Chantal, Cloe, Irene and other new people! :3
We really had a lot of fun, and our photographers Giulia and Piero were amazing!
We went for a Walk in the centre od the city and lately we went to a cafè.

I was in kodona again, and also Antonella, a friend us, choosed a kodona outfit, I was so happy!


Haru, Irene and Chiyuki
Storm and I


Irene, Antonella, Piero, Serah, Gumi, Chiyuki, Haru, Storm, Chantal, Rika, Irene, I amd Sara, <3

And this was my outfit~

Minihat: Lopposto with handmade decorations
Blouse: offbrand
Jacket: offbrand
Cape: offbrand
Trousers: Fanplusfriend
Leggins: offbrand
Legwarmers: Terranova
Boots: American Eagle
Bag: Carpisa

That's all~

Friday, 13 December 2013

Sugarcube the chinchilla

Hi folks!

Yesterday I went to Rika for a little surprise, her Christmas present!
I decided to give her a chinchilla, because she really loves these little pets!
She fell in love with them some years ago, and finally she get the permission to take one of them.
So I went to her to go to take her little chinchilla
We drived for a long time to reach the little shop. chichillas are quite uncommon here in Italy and just some shop can sell them. Anyway, the salesgirl was really kind and sweet, she give us a lot of  advices!
Rika choose a beautiful white chinchilla, a male.
I fell in love with him when I saw him sleeping in the hay, while we were coming back to Rika's home. He was so sweet and lovely!
While we were coming back, we talked about his name, and Rika let me choose it.
I was watching him and thinking "Awww, he's so soft, so sweet, so tiny and so white....he looks like a sugarcube"....I'm a big fan of Hunger Games and there's a charatcter, Finnick, who used to eat sugarcubes, so I really enjoyed this idea. I asked Rika if she liked this name and she said yes!

So...we're happy to introduce you....Sugarcube!

His nickname is Shu, it's more easier to say quickly!
We played with Shu in the evening. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals so they're very active in the night!

I already miss him~
That's all!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Catching Fire

Hi folks!

Yesteday was a beautiful day! In the morning me, Rika and Haru went to Turin to meet some friends! First we met Chiyuki, a organizer of our local Harajuku Fashion Walk.
We went shopping and talked about the next Harajuku Fashion Walk (the event is fixed the 22th of December) and went shopping!
Later, we met Cloe and Irene, two amazing cosplayer we met at last Lucca Comics! We had lunch at Mc Donalds and we spend the afternoon together, visiting a Chocolate Fair in the centre of the city!

But the most important part of the day was the evening!
Me, Rika and Haru went to see "Catching Fire" in his realase day in italian cinemas! I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games saga ( Rika and Haru din't read the books, but they were so kind to come with me!)
My favourite character of this saga is Johanna Mason, a victor from a past edition of Hunger Games. She's from District 7 (lumber) so her stylist dress up her like a tree.
There were her outfits

And there's my kodona outfit inpired to her~

The movie was AMAZING! It was very similiar to the book. I really loved Finnick, Beetee and Wiress. I almost cried in some scenes. And Jena Malone was a perfect Johanna.
And the arena ;A; The arena was AWESOME!

Also Rika and Haru dress up like Capitol City citizens. Rika's lolita outfit was inspired to Effie Trinket and Haru's aomoji outfit was inspired to Distric 4 (fishing)

I can't wait for the first part of "Mockingjay" now~

That's all :3

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lucca Comics shopping

Hi folks!
I'm here to update my blog after Lucca Comics! It was AMAZING!
I saw a lot of cosplayers, had a lot of fun with Odd Western Lollipop and meet a lot of nice people.
I would like to do 4 post for the 4 four days of the comic convention, so...I'll start with and extra post to show you what I bought~

My kodona closet become a little more bigger, I'm so happy~

A mini tricorn from Lopposto

A pair of black gloves. also from Lopposto

And the Catching Fire pin!! Thanks again to my friend Irene for find me it! I loved the book, and now I can't wait to watch the movie. I think I'll write a post about my feels xD
Btw I'll surely wear it in my outfit for the movie~

This week my gf receved her order from Fan Plus Friend and she give me a beautifil gift, this pair of trousers for my kodona outfit. I'll wear them as soon as possible, they're thank you my darling~ <3

That's all for now~

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Five Things challenge~

Hi folks! Here's a new update!
Thanks so much to HajaMiel for tagging me in this Challenge! It'll be fun!

Link back to the person who tagged you.
Tag 5 blogs with less than 200 followers.
Get them to tag more bloggers and keep this thing going.

5 things you need every day: 
~My gf. I really need her to be happy. I can't imagine my life without here.
~ Odd Western Lollipop. Everyday me, my gf and our bestfriend Haru chat on internet and some days we meet each other to talk, do things and projets....It's really amazing be by the side of these amazing girls~
~Music. When I wake up, I need breakfast and music to make my brain works xD
~Books. I really love to read.

 5 books you would recommend:
~The Harry Potter saga by J.K. Rowling. It made my childhood magic.
~The Hunger Games saga by Suzanne Collins. I'm in love with those books. Read them. Now.
~Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. A Victorian love story between ladies. I loved it.
~Jack Frusciante è uscito ad gruppo by Enrico Brizzi. An italian book. A romance between a boy and a girl. But maybe it's more than love~  It made me cry a lot of times.
~Clockwork Orange by Anthobny Burgess.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:
Already? xD

~Catching Fire DVD (If it's in sale~)
~Catching Fire pin to add it to my collection. I'm too obsessed?
~A new waistcoat for my kodona outfits. I love waistcoats.
~Tipping the velvet by Sarah Waters
~ARTPOP by Lady Gaga. (Paws up!)

5 places you wish to visit 

  5 adjectives that describe you:

~Friendly. ~Shy. Yes, also shy. But I love making friends!
~Busy. With Odd Western Lollipop, work is never over!
~Creative. I love to draw~

5 things you'd say to people about life:
~Be proud about who you are.
~Never care about people's opinion.
~Do what makes you happy.
~Be what you want to be.
~Work to realize your dreams.

People tagged

That's all~
PS: Sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm really busy with the preparations for Lucca Comics!

Monday, 7 October 2013

O.W.L.'s day with Any~

Hi folks!

Yesterday Odd Western Lollipop went to shopping with our friend Any~
It was a beautiful day! We talked about cosplay, steampunk, Homestuck, letal spiders, Australia and a lot of other stuff xD

Look how cute is Any *^*

As me, she loves Steampunk so much, we talked a lot about it! She made this amazing hat by herself, I really like it~

She also gave me a gear for the steampunk outfit I'm working to. She's so sweet, so....thank you! ♥
I think I?ll use it with my Hunger Games pin.

I can't wait to find the right clothes, make my steampunk tricorn hat and show you my outfit! I have a lot of ideas! It'll be a surprise!
This was my yesterday outfit~

Ascot: Offbrand
Pin: Kuroshitsuji
Vest: Pimkie
Jacket: Offbrand
Pants: Handmade
Socks: Offbrand
Boots: Offbrand

Let me know what to do think about it.
That's all, Sirs and Madams~

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay

For Lucca Comics my lovely gf Rika has sewed me my cosplay. We'll be in a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group.
I'll be Ciel, she'll be Alois, Haru will be Ran Mao, Irene will be Madame Red, Luca will be Sebastian and Stefania will be Grell~
We decided to make a group of ballgowns version.

Me and Rika will wear exactly this dresses~

I really love my thank you, Rika *^*
She made everything: The crinoline, The white skirt, the pink part of the dress, the roses and the hat!
She'll also sew a coordinated cape, since November is quite cold.

And this is a preview of her dress~

I'm also choosing what to wear at the Harajuku Fashion Walk day. I'm sure that I'll wear kodona (Rika will wear lolita and Haru will wear aomoji), but I have to choose all the coord....I'll do my best~
About kodona coords, I'm thinking of create a steampunk inspired coord!
So.....since they're both "victorian inspired" and I love them, I'll search some gears, brown clothes and stuff like that.
Rika has put forward some boiled wool while she made my cosplay hat, so I would like to sew a mini tricorn hat. I really like them~

This weekend I want to wear kodona, so you'll see my next outfit soon~

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A day in the park and other stuff~

Hi folks!

As promised I'll post the pictures of the Picta con and the Harajuku Conference!
Thanks so much to Alessia for taking the pictures!

Odd Western Lollipop (aka Haru, Rika and me)

Chiyuki and Storm

Our stand~

And these are the Italian Idol Project! You rock girls!

Monday me and muy girlfriend went to Turin for visiting Venaria Reale  (two Savoy palaces)but unfortunately they're closed on Monday >,<) so....we did a little walk around the garden and then, we come back to the city to go for a walk in a big park near the river!
I was in kodona and she was in lolita. She was lovely~

This was my outfit:

The park was really beaufiful~

We also had two little guest, a crow and a cute squirrel!

Me and my gf~ 

Can't wait for another day like that!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Harajuku Fashion Conference @ Picta Comics

Hi folks!

Here's a new update! :3

Yesterday Odd Western Lollipop were at Picta Comics with Chiyuki for a conference about Harajuku Fashion!  I was really excited :3

We met a lot of friends and we had soooo much fun!
I was in kodona, and this was my outfit~

Blouse: Offbrand 
Cameo: Bijou Brigitte
Leggins: Offbrand
Bag: Carpisa 
Trousers: Handmade 
Boots: Offbrand

I was really happy for the nice spectators we had :3
The photos are coming soon!
We talked about lolita, kodona, gyaru, aomoji and more!
After the confence we spend some time again with our friends~
Pocky game time!

We also looked at the performance of Italian Idol Projet! They were awesome!
They were so good at singing and dancing! I really enjoyed their performance, so keep it up, girls!

Alessia, the Italian Idol Projet leader with Haru and Rika~

And this was another outfit I wore a couple of week ago!

Blouse: Offbrand
Jabot: Lopposto
Vest: Calliope
Pin: Kuroshitsuji
Shorts: Offbrand
Leggins: Pimkie
Boots: Offbrand

And my makeup~ I don't know why but I really Like blue eyebrows *^*

That's all, Sirs and Madams ❤