Thursday, 28 November 2013

Catching Fire

Hi folks!

Yesteday was a beautiful day! In the morning me, Rika and Haru went to Turin to meet some friends! First we met Chiyuki, a organizer of our local Harajuku Fashion Walk.
We went shopping and talked about the next Harajuku Fashion Walk (the event is fixed the 22th of December) and went shopping!
Later, we met Cloe and Irene, two amazing cosplayer we met at last Lucca Comics! We had lunch at Mc Donalds and we spend the afternoon together, visiting a Chocolate Fair in the centre of the city!

But the most important part of the day was the evening!
Me, Rika and Haru went to see "Catching Fire" in his realase day in italian cinemas! I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games saga ( Rika and Haru din't read the books, but they were so kind to come with me!)
My favourite character of this saga is Johanna Mason, a victor from a past edition of Hunger Games. She's from District 7 (lumber) so her stylist dress up her like a tree.
There were her outfits

And there's my kodona outfit inpired to her~

The movie was AMAZING! It was very similiar to the book. I really loved Finnick, Beetee and Wiress. I almost cried in some scenes. And Jena Malone was a perfect Johanna.
And the arena ;A; The arena was AWESOME!

Also Rika and Haru dress up like Capitol City citizens. Rika's lolita outfit was inspired to Effie Trinket and Haru's aomoji outfit was inspired to Distric 4 (fishing)

I can't wait for the first part of "Mockingjay" now~

That's all :3

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