Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lucca Comics shopping

Hi folks!
I'm here to update my blog after Lucca Comics! It was AMAZING!
I saw a lot of cosplayers, had a lot of fun with Odd Western Lollipop and meet a lot of nice people.
I would like to do 4 post for the 4 four days of the comic convention, so...I'll start with and extra post to show you what I bought~

My kodona closet become a little more bigger, I'm so happy~

A mini tricorn from Lopposto

A pair of black gloves. also from Lopposto

And the Catching Fire pin!! Thanks again to my friend Irene for find me it! I loved the book, and now I can't wait to watch the movie. I think I'll write a post about my feels xD
Btw I'll surely wear it in my outfit for the movie~

This week my gf receved her order from Fan Plus Friend and she give me a beautifil gift, this pair of trousers for my kodona outfit. I'll wear them as soon as possible, they're thank you my darling~ <3

That's all for now~

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