Saturday, 26 October 2013

Five Things challenge~

Hi folks! Here's a new update!
Thanks so much to HajaMiel for tagging me in this Challenge! It'll be fun!

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5 things you need every day: 
~My gf. I really need her to be happy. I can't imagine my life without here.
~ Odd Western Lollipop. Everyday me, my gf and our bestfriend Haru chat on internet and some days we meet each other to talk, do things and projets....It's really amazing be by the side of these amazing girls~
~Music. When I wake up, I need breakfast and music to make my brain works xD
~Books. I really love to read.

 5 books you would recommend:
~The Harry Potter saga by J.K. Rowling. It made my childhood magic.
~The Hunger Games saga by Suzanne Collins. I'm in love with those books. Read them. Now.
~Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. A Victorian love story between ladies. I loved it.
~Jack Frusciante è uscito ad gruppo by Enrico Brizzi. An italian book. A romance between a boy and a girl. But maybe it's more than love~  It made me cry a lot of times.
~Clockwork Orange by Anthobny Burgess.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:
Already? xD

~Catching Fire DVD (If it's in sale~)
~Catching Fire pin to add it to my collection. I'm too obsessed?
~A new waistcoat for my kodona outfits. I love waistcoats.
~Tipping the velvet by Sarah Waters
~ARTPOP by Lady Gaga. (Paws up!)

5 places you wish to visit 

  5 adjectives that describe you:

~Friendly. ~Shy. Yes, also shy. But I love making friends!
~Busy. With Odd Western Lollipop, work is never over!
~Creative. I love to draw~

5 things you'd say to people about life:
~Be proud about who you are.
~Never care about people's opinion.
~Do what makes you happy.
~Be what you want to be.
~Work to realize your dreams.

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That's all~
PS: Sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm really busy with the preparations for Lucca Comics!

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