Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay

For Lucca Comics my lovely gf Rika has sewed me my cosplay. We'll be in a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group.
I'll be Ciel, she'll be Alois, Haru will be Ran Mao, Irene will be Madame Red, Luca will be Sebastian and Stefania will be Grell~
We decided to make a group of ballgowns version.

Me and Rika will wear exactly this dresses~

I really love my thank you, Rika *^*
She made everything: The crinoline, The white skirt, the pink part of the dress, the roses and the hat!
She'll also sew a coordinated cape, since November is quite cold.

And this is a preview of her dress~

I'm also choosing what to wear at the Harajuku Fashion Walk day. I'm sure that I'll wear kodona (Rika will wear lolita and Haru will wear aomoji), but I have to choose all the coord....I'll do my best~
About kodona coords, I'm thinking of create a steampunk inspired coord!
So.....since they're both "victorian inspired" and I love them, I'll search some gears, brown clothes and stuff like that.
Rika has put forward some boiled wool while she made my cosplay hat, so I would like to sew a mini tricorn hat. I really like them~

This weekend I want to wear kodona, so you'll see my next outfit soon~


  1. Wow, really nice cosplay, you look really cute <3

  2. OH I love your cosplay! I think the dress looks fantastic on you! * u *