Monday, 7 October 2013

O.W.L.'s day with Any~

Hi folks!

Yesterday Odd Western Lollipop went to shopping with our friend Any~
It was a beautiful day! We talked about cosplay, steampunk, Homestuck, letal spiders, Australia and a lot of other stuff xD

Look how cute is Any *^*

As me, she loves Steampunk so much, we talked a lot about it! She made this amazing hat by herself, I really like it~

She also gave me a gear for the steampunk outfit I'm working to. She's so sweet, so....thank you! ♥
I think I?ll use it with my Hunger Games pin.

I can't wait to find the right clothes, make my steampunk tricorn hat and show you my outfit! I have a lot of ideas! It'll be a surprise!
This was my yesterday outfit~

Ascot: Offbrand
Pin: Kuroshitsuji
Vest: Pimkie
Jacket: Offbrand
Pants: Handmade
Socks: Offbrand
Boots: Offbrand

Let me know what to do think about it.
That's all, Sirs and Madams~


  1. Steampunk is a win!
    And I like your jacket, gotta love the buttons ♥.

    And you are going to make a tricorn hat? Can't wait to see!

    1. Yeah, I'll try! I'm still watching tutorials to learn how to do that :3
      Thank you very much, btw :3 You're so kind!

  2. I challenged you in my blog:
    Do it if you feel like it :).

    1. Thank you so much! :3 I'll surely do it :3