Thursday, 19 September 2013

A day in the park and other stuff~

Hi folks!

As promised I'll post the pictures of the Picta con and the Harajuku Conference!
Thanks so much to Alessia for taking the pictures!

Odd Western Lollipop (aka Haru, Rika and me)

Chiyuki and Storm

Our stand~

And these are the Italian Idol Project! You rock girls!

Monday me and muy girlfriend went to Turin for visiting Venaria Reale  (two Savoy palaces)but unfortunately they're closed on Monday >,<) so....we did a little walk around the garden and then, we come back to the city to go for a walk in a big park near the river!
I was in kodona and she was in lolita. She was lovely~

This was my outfit:

The park was really beaufiful~

We also had two little guest, a crow and a cute squirrel!

Me and my gf~ 

Can't wait for another day like that!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Harajuku Fashion Conference @ Picta Comics

Hi folks!

Here's a new update! :3

Yesterday Odd Western Lollipop were at Picta Comics with Chiyuki for a conference about Harajuku Fashion!  I was really excited :3

We met a lot of friends and we had soooo much fun!
I was in kodona, and this was my outfit~

Blouse: Offbrand 
Cameo: Bijou Brigitte
Leggins: Offbrand
Bag: Carpisa 
Trousers: Handmade 
Boots: Offbrand

I was really happy for the nice spectators we had :3
The photos are coming soon!
We talked about lolita, kodona, gyaru, aomoji and more!
After the confence we spend some time again with our friends~
Pocky game time!

We also looked at the performance of Italian Idol Projet! They were awesome!
They were so good at singing and dancing! I really enjoyed their performance, so keep it up, girls!

Alessia, the Italian Idol Projet leader with Haru and Rika~

And this was another outfit I wore a couple of week ago!

Blouse: Offbrand
Jabot: Lopposto
Vest: Calliope
Pin: Kuroshitsuji
Shorts: Offbrand
Leggins: Pimkie
Boots: Offbrand

And my makeup~ I don't know why but I really Like blue eyebrows *^*

That's all, Sirs and Madams ❤