Friday, 18 April 2014

Torino Comics 2014

Hi folks!

Last week I were at Torino Comics with my gf Rika and Haru. It was AMAZING.
We were in cosplay for the first time in this comic convention.
I was Eridan, Rika was Feferi and Haru was Gamzee. All these characters are from Homestuck!

Here I am!

I'm really happy beacause for the first time I made my cosplay all by myself! 
It was really funny walking to the bus stop in cosplay~
We went to the con all the days and we met a lot of Homestuck cosplayers (two Gamzee, two Nepeta, Tavros, Sollux, John and Jake) and we met a lot of friends (Hi to Irene, Federica, Tanya, Piero, Marcello, Chantal, Chiyuki and Filippo)!
I really liked a lot of cosplayers and the Umbrella Italian Division!

My Youtube channel is officially open now!

I'm really sorry for the bad quality, but I onlt had a little camera with me : <
More videos are coming soon so stay turned!

I wish you all  Happy Easter~