Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hi folks!

How are you spending your holydays?
I am having really a good time!
Last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin was amazing! I met a lot of new people and we had a lot of fun~

This was my outfit~

Photo by Giulia Hepburn

Hat: offbrand
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Jabot: Fan Plus Friend
Trousers: offbrand
Tights: Alice and the Pirates
Boots: offbrand

Here I am with my lovely Rika
Photo by Giulia Hepburn

After that, me, my coven and some friends celebrated Yule with some friend at Haru's house. I really enjoyed this celebration.
In these holydays I received a lot of presents, so thank you to all my friends~

I finally have my pastel Survay Corps jumper that I bought online as a self-present for this year~

I really want to buy a new drawing tablet. My first one is sadly broken and I miss digital drawing too much.Stay tuned!

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