Friday, 16 August 2013

Some news and a new outfit~

Hi folks! (・ω・)/

I'm so sorry for not update my blog for so long again, I was very busy ;A;
Yesterday I was with my gf and my bestfriend (so.....Odd Western Lollipop time!) in a little town in the mountains.
There was a small fair and various market stalls! I bought some new stones.

The first is a Moonstone, the second a Goldstone and the last is a Hawkeye.

It was really a nice day! We had lunch and dinner together, went for a walk and had a lot of fun!

For yesterday I decided to try a total black kodona outfit~

My grandma sew me the trousers. I really like them~ 

Blouse: offbrand
Vest: Calliope
Leggins: OVS
Bag: Carpisa
Trousers: handmade
Boots: offbrand

I already have in mind new outfits, I can't wait to wear them!