Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter and other news!

Hi to everyone!

It's been a while by the last post, I apologize, but't I've been very busy!

I spend Easter Monday with my Harajuku Zoku, Odd Western Lollipop (composed by me, my gf Rika and my friend Haru) :3

We had lunch,played the Magic Labirinth together, chatted, and had a lot of fun!
This was my kodona outfit~

Last saturday we met and go shopping and at the pub! It was really a funny day!

M-Mephistopheles! Me feeling like Barnabas Collins~

Next Sunday we'll be at a comics convention! We're all so excited! We'll wear a decora outfit and I'll surely post the photos here!


  1. It looks like you had a great time :D Your outfit is so nice! I love your jacket and vest! And your gf has a really cute dress >w<

    1. Thank you so much! >///<
      Yeah, it was really really a nice day! She wants to say "thank you" again! I gave her that dress as a present some time ago :3
      It's called "Love Nadia" from Bodyline! :3

      And....thanks again~

  2. Aww, you both are so sweet :3 Cool! I like Bodyline's clothes ^_^ I would totally wear a lolita dress if I did another Japanese fashion :3 And that is a very pretty gift C:
    And no problem :D